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Visual Research

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At the University of Michigan, I taught courses in graphic and interaction design, introducing students to the issues involved in designing electronic information spaces. I also worked independently with graduate students exploring new genres in art and design, especially those undertaking conceptual work or experimental work in digital technology. Here's a sampling of student work.

Below are sample syllabi, one for an undergraduate introduction to interface design, the other an introductory graphic design course for graduate students in interface design with no prior visual training. I especially like working with adult beginners who are exploring a new arena for the first time.

At Parsons, I taught in the Department of Design & Management. My courses, "Visual Organization & Information Design" and "Visual Research Methods," focused on visual literacy through basic graphic design and research skills. I also taught an intensive "Introduction to Design & Management" that merged practical skills development in design and business practices with cultural criticism, training students to recognize the ways design and markets work together to disseminate and reinforce cultural values.

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