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Visual Research

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DesignInBiz Web Site

Information architecture for an online resource that combines content, community, and collaborative technologies to help small business owners utilize design successfully. 1999. A five-year project sponsored by Ameritech. Jack Williamson, Project Director.

Ford Office of Tomorrow

Design specification for a prototype office of the future. 1997-98. Loretta Staples, Project Director.
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Typography & the Screen
A Technical Chronology of Digital Typorgraphy, 1984-1997

DESIGN ISSUES, Autumn 2000, published by MIT Press

Between 1984 and 1997 new tools, especially the Apple Macintosh computer and software from Adobe Systems, enabled designers to create, edit, and disseminate words and images in new ways, whether in print or on screen. This paper chronicles the technical and esthetic developments in digital typography of that period, developments that revised the status of the written word in the late 20th century.

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